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And about the websites that we make...

¡Hola! I'm Margot.

I'm a freelance web designer

Together with a small team I build websites for the self-employed and small businesses such as hotels, restaurants, consultants and more!

I also have a passion for graphic design, photography and online marketing. I speak Dutch, English and Spanish. I am based in Quito, the capital of Ecuador.

Over Ons - Margot - Margot Gommers Webdesign

A professional and personalized website

Why you should let us build your new website

Our websites are 100% responsive, which means that they are displayed perfectly on the computer, mobile phone and tablet.

We'll tailor make your website according to branding. Don't you have a logo yet or would you like a new logo? We'll include a logo for free!

We'll make your website SEO-friendly, so that your website will end up higher in Google search results.

You will receive a personalized user manual from us, so you can easily make adjustments yourself at any time.

Because we work with a creative team from all over the world, we can offer our websites at a very competitive price.

All our websites have a modern look & feel, according the latest trends in 2021.

Our team

Together with this team I will build your website​

Over Ons - Daniel - Margot Gommers Webdesign


Front-end Developer

Daniel has en keen eye for modern web design. He will make sure your website looks amazing without compromising on user-friendliness.

Over Ons - Elena - Margot Gommers Webdesign


Graphic Design

Elena ensures that all graphic elements on your website are taken care of down to the last detail and also helps building the website itself.

Over Ons - Weisen - Margot Gommers Webdesign



Weisen offers technical support while building your website and ensures that the transition from your old to new website runs smoothly.

Ready, set, go!
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