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    1. For which company, foundation or freelance services would you like us to build a website? *

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    2. What information would you like to put on the website? Or which pages would you like to display on the website (in addition to the homepage and contact page)? *

    For example: an overview of services or products, an about us page, a price list, a portfolio, frequently asked questions, a menu, a photo album, customer reviews, a vacancy page, etc...

    3. Do you already have a specific menu structure in mind for the website?

    Example of a menu structure:

    1. Home
    2. Services
      • Service X
      • Service Y
      • Service Z
    3. FAQ
    4. About us
    5. Vacancies
    6. Contact

    4. Are there any additional functionalities that should be added to the website? *

    For example: a reservation system, a login for members, translations to other languages, a webshop with a payment system, etc...

    5. Can you give examples of websites that you like in terms of style?

    If so, enter the urls of those websites below. Please also describe what you like about these websites.

    6. Do you have a logo for you website?

    If so, you can upload it here. If you have a logo with a transparent background available, we prefer this. You can also upload a Photoshop or Illustrator file of your logo.

    7. In addition to the colors from your logo, are there any specific colors that you would like to use on the website?

    We recommend using 2 (or maximum 3) main colors on a website.

    8. Do you already have a web host and domain name?

    You buy both a web host and domain name as a subscription (which you pay for annually). Often you can purchase a domain name together in a package together with your web host.

    9. Do you have any additional information that you would like to let us know?

    You can leave your comment below.

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