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A standard informative


A professional website including all essential modules for small businesses.

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A thriving e-commerce


Open an e-commerce webshop to sell products, online services and more…

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An online learning environment

E-learning course

A visually appealing e-learning course for your employees or new clients.

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2 working days

Request a quote in which you indicate all necessary elements for your website.

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whenever you have the time

Send me all texts and images for your website, together with your webhost and domain info.

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Work in progress...

about 3 weeks

Once received all necessary information and  down payment I start building your website.

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Final changes

up to 3 revision rounds

When your website’s ready, you can request final changes within fixed terms and revision rounds.

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Website is going live!

1 day

Your website will go live and you will receive the invoice for the remaining amount.

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Still need some changes?

in the future...

My user manual will help you to easily make small adjustments to your website in the future.

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