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Included modules

Optional modules

Extra page

Add an extra main page to your website, for example a ‘Services’ page, an ‘About us’ page, a ‘Blog’, a ‘Contact’ page or any other type of informative page.


(Special discount for multiple pages)

Chat box

Give visitors the option to send you a message via chat during your opening hours and automatically collect email addresses outside opening hours.


Multilingual website

Display your website in different languages for visitors from different countries. The correct language is automatically displayed based on the visitor’s browser.

starting from $100,-

Member login

Hide a part of your website that can only be visited by members (approved by you). Ideal for protected downloads or a member forum.

upon request

Expert SEO check

Let an expert in SEO optimize your website to perfection, so that your website comes up even higher in the organic (non-paid) search results of search engines.

upon request

Extra options...

So much more is possible!

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How does it work?

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Receive a quote

maximum 2 working days

Request a quote and indicate all necessary elements for your website.

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Send me your information

whenever you have the time

Send me all texts and images for your website, together with your webhost and domain info.

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Building the homepage

about 1 week

Once received the down payment I start creating the homepage that you can give me your feedback on.

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Work in progress...

about 2 weeks

After this I will continue building the other pages of the website.

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Final changes

up to 3 revisions

When your website’s ready, you can request final changes up to 3 times within fixed terms.

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Website is going live!

about 1 hour

Your website will go live and you will receive the invoice to pay the remaining amount.

Frequently Asked Questions

Design and process

A responsive design a design that is optimized for different devices. This way your website will be displayed in different ways on the computer, mobile phone and tablet for the best user experience. Since the majority of website visits nowadays take place on a mobile phone or tablet, it is essential that your website also looks perfect on those devices.

To help me get started with a website that you like, you can inform me about the following things.

  • Website examples that you like. Take a look at our Portfolio for more inspiration. You can also share website examples that you have found yourself.
  • Colors and/or color combinations that you like.
  • Even if something specific does not appeal to you at all, you can let me know.

Before I can start with your website, I first need all the texts and images that you would like to place on the website. You can email this separately or send it as a link via WeTransfer, Dropbox, Google Drive or whatever suits you best.

I will also need the login details of your web host and your domain name, in case you have not registered this together with your web host.

I certainly can! If you want, I can help you with a simple logo for your website for free.

If you don’t have (enough) images yourself, I will use images from free royalty-free stock photo websites, such as Pexels, Pixabay and Unsplash. You can also select photos from these websites yourself and send them to me. 

In most cases I will have your website ready within 3 weeks from the moment I have received all the necessary information.

After your new website is presented to you, you can request some final adjustments if desired. You can request a maximum of 3 revisions in total, each of which you have 7 days to respond to. If you would like to request more revisions, there will be extra costs involved. In that case I will inform you about this in advance.

Read more about how it works.

Technical and maintenance

A web host is an online storage space on which your website is built. A domain name is your website address, such as www.margotgommers.com. You can purchase a domain name separately, or in a package together with your web host, such as One. You buy both a web host and domain name as a subscription (which you pay for monthly or yearly).

In order to build the website or transfer the website to your web host, I will need your (S)FTP, database and domain information. I can retrieve this info from your webhost account. Please let me know in case the domain is registered somewhere else.

I’ll provide you with a user manual with clear instructions on how to make adjustments to your website yourself in the future, such as changing text and images. If something’s not clear, you can always send me a message for help.

The CMS system that I use for your website (WordPress) will be automatically updated to increase the security of your website. It is advisable to maintain other parts of the website periodically so that your website continues to function properly and you remain better protected against hackers. I offer 2 different maintenance subscriptions for this, but you can also hire me on request to maintain your site or adjust the content if necessary. Read more about this on the Website maintenance page.

Payment and invoicing

A 50% down payment is required upfront. The other half will be billed once the website is ready.

If I don’t receive a response from you within 7 days after the website is presented to you or after a revision, or if I don’t receive the necessary information or files to implement the adjustments within this period, the final invoice will be sent automatically.

You can pay with a wire transfer to a Dutch bank account (+ bank fees) or make a payment via Paypal (with a 5% surcharge).

Margot Gommers Webdesign is based in Ecuador. As a result, no VAT on our services is being charged to foreign legal entities. The prices stated on this website and in our quotes are the same as the total amount on your invoice.

SEO, SEA and online marketing

I deliver your website in an SEO-friendly manner, so that the website already has a good SEO basis to start with. However, you can expand the SEO of your website much further, for example if you want to achieve specific goals within the Google search results. Depending on your goals, you can put quite a bit of time and work into this. If you are interested in this, I would be happy to put you in contact with an expert in this field from my network who can take care of this for you.

If you are interested in this, I would be happy to put you in contact with an expert in this field from my network who can take care of this for you.

If you are interested in this, I would be happy to put you in contact with an expert in this field from my network who can take care of this for you.

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